Professional Waterproofing Services

Whether you’re looking to waterproof concrete surfaces, seal floors, or finish another type of material, our teams have experience with it all. The equipment and method we employ will depend on your location and surface materials, but below, we have compiled the main procedures we take with every project. Our teams are capable of both residential and commercial waterproofing services and deliver impeccable results for job sites large and small. Continue reading to learn more about our professional waterproofing services in greater San Diego, CA.

Clearing the Area

Before the waterproofing begins, your surface or floor must be completely clean. We use brooms, shop-vacs, and related equipment to clear the surface of all dust and debris. If we’re laying waterproofing sealer onto concrete or another bare surface before the new flooring is installed, we ensure no dirt or grime is left behind. This is the most important stage of waterproofing as it creates a smooth, even, bump-free surface on which to protect your building against water damage.

Applying Primer and Silicone

After all the debris has been removed, we apply primer to the whole surface of your floor, which includes some of the walls. As you can imagine, this stage bears great similarity to the application of new paint, where primer strengthens the sealer’s capacity to keep water out. Depending on the size of your project and the type of primer we use, we need to let the primer dry from four to eight hours.

Once the primer is dry, silicone must be applied. We add a smooth, firm line of silicone in the seams between the floor and the walls, as well as any gaps in the flooring. The silicone acts as a barrier against moisture between your walls and flooring. Silicone needs to dry for about 24 hours once applied.

Marking Sealer Areas with Tape

When the primer and silicone have fully dried, we use painter’s tape to line the edges of the floor as well as the walls, up to the point at which we’ve applied primer. This allows us to effortlessly apply the coats of sealer and create smooth, clear lines during and after application.

Applying Sealer Coats and Membrane

After all the preparatory work is complete, it’s time to seal your floors! We apply waterproofing sealer in a very similar way to painting a floor. Starting with lower portions of walls and baseboards, we work out from a corner of the room toward the doorway, ensuring the coating is smooth and even just like the primer. Magnesite Specialties, Inc. is mindful to utilize the appropriate sealant for your type of floor material.

If we’re providing cementitious waterproofing (on concrete surfaces) for your building, we apply a waterproofing membrane to the area. This acts as another guard against unexpected and unwanted moisture, preventing mildew and rot as part of new flooring installation. We must wait 24 hours after each coat of waterproofing sealer has been applied to ensure surfaces are completely dry.

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