Epoxy Floor Coating Services

Do you want the floor of your building, hallway, or room to have a clear, durable, and attractive appearance? An epoxy finish is a popular solution that serves these purposes. While the color and style of your epoxy flooring can vary based on your interior design needs, getting it properly constructed and installed requires meticulous attention and knowledgeable preparation. To get the most out of your building’s appearance, we offer epoxy floor coating services in greater San Diego, CA. Read more about our methods below.

Paint Removal and Surface Clearing

Just like paint and sealant, epoxy requires a clear, firm, and dry surface to adhere to. Any cracks, bumps, and uneven surfaces will affect the outcome, so we take adequate time to ensure your building’s surfaces are ready. From small concrete bumps and floor imperfections to piles of debris and oil stains, we’ll have your surface prepared for scrubbing and coating in no time.

Next, we use a hose and power scrubber to clean and de-grease the surface. This ensures the epoxy mixture has a thoroughly cleaned area to adhere to and prevents moisture or material substances from getting trapped under the new flooring layer.

Muriatic Acid and Scrubbing

When our preparatory work is complete, acid scrubbing is the next step. We combine appropriate amounts of muriatic acid and water, creating a mixture that’s applied to your surface. This exposes the pores of the flooring area and allows the epoxy coats to physically adhere much more easily.

Epoxy Mixing and Application

After acid scrubbing is complete, we line off the areas that won’t need an epoxy application with durable tape. This also facilitates smooth, clear lines when the final epoxy coat has fully dried. Next, we mix our epoxy solutions and begin applying the first coat.

Epoxy is a thick material, so we work methodically and conscientiously to ensure coats are applied evenly and reach the entire surface area. Our teams use floor rollers to apply epoxy in a W-shaped pattern to prevent seamlines from forming and to work at an efficient rate of speed. Usually epoxy requires 12 to 24 hours to dry per coat, and this ensures each coat we apply will be as smooth and blemish-free as possible.

Second Coat and Finishing

Depending on whether you want a glossy or more matte epoxy finish, we can add a non-skid substance into our mixture for the second coat. We’ll continue to modify the materials we add and apply the second coat as needed to achieve the right outcome.

Our teams space out our coatings to ensure each layer dries properly. If needed, we can coat your garage, basement, hallway, or room’s baseboards or lower wall. This acts as a protective coating between the floor and walls, and also gives your new epoxy flooring a unified appearance.

Ready to speak with us about our epoxy floor coating services in greater San Diego, CA? Reach out to us now and request a free quote. We look forward to helping you!