Floor Coating Services

Flooring is an important part of any building, and you need a team that knows what they’re doing. Getting a floor hastily or unevenly installed only creates risk for issues to occur. The teams comprising Magnesite Specialties, Inc., have been crafting smooth, beautiful, secure, and waterproof floors for over 30 years. Learn more about what sets our floor coating services in greater San Diego, CA, apart from competitors and how to reach out for more information.

Decades of Experience

Properly constructed buildings include floors that exhibit structural integrity—whether you’re remodeling your basement or redesigning your workspace. It’s important to entrust brand new flooring design to a team of skilled individuals who go the extra mile for superior results. At Magnesite Specialties, Inc., it’s our mission to provide high-quality flooring for any room you need it in. After over three decades of honing our practices and identifying excellent materials for any project, we can give you the flooring you’ve always dreamed of.

Versatility in Style

Do you want protection against the elements for your deck without compromising style? We’ve got you covered. Are you looking for an epoxy finish without the surface looking drab or outdated? Our teams have mastered the professional edge you need. No matter what kind of visual characteristics you want your room or space to have, our floor coating services consistently impress our clients.

Fast Turnaround Times

While the nature of installing new flooring material inherently requires drying time, that doesn’t mean getting a new floor needs to take forever. Magnesite Specialties, Inc. has perfected every stage in professional floor coating for each step to build on the last. We start every project the right way to eliminate the risk of costly mistakes or excessive layering.

Solutions That Last

Just like the foundation of a house or building, your flooring needs to be built properly, otherwise, it compromises the integrity of surrounding structures. Throughout our years of building new floors from scratch, we know what to watch for and what to avoid so you don’t need to. MSI uses only the highest-quality primers, coating materials, and equipment for each of our flooring projects.

When you set foot on any floor, you expect it to hold up under pressure, prevent cracking, and clean up easily. Our teams have distilled every type of flooring installation into a science that achieves these results every time.

When you choose MSI, you’re choosing integrity, quality, and reliability. Contact us today for a fast quote and to ask any questions about your project. We’re here for you!