Terrazzo Flooring Services

Do you love the appearance that a classic terrazzo floor achieves for any room? Are you remodeling your kitchen and want to maximize its visual characteristics? You’ve come to the right place. Magnesite Specialties, Inc. has been offering terrazzo flooring services for over 30 years throughout greater San Diego, CA. Check out the details about our terrazzo installation methods below.

Floor Preparation

While terrazzo bears a number of similarities to epoxy flooring, the materials required to produce this timeless and snazzy look necessitate a special procedure. To successfully install and finish terrazzo, our team begins by taking out the flooring material that you had in place. Terrazzo requires firm base material that’s porous enough to stick to. Most often, we lay the new terrazzo mixture onto concrete or create a new compound to apply on your site’s base surface.

Production of Terrazzo

Terrazzo is a mixture of resin, hardener, and aggregate. The resin and hardener comprise the material that your chosen aggregate sits within. The aggregate is the term used for the chips of marble, stone, and other decorative substances that you want your new floor to display. We offer multiple aggregate choices, so you don’t need to worry about selecting this in advance.

When the terrazzo is mixed, we trowel it out across the surface area. Our teams ensure the entire surface is packed smooth and clean to prevent cracks and moisture damage in the future. Freshly troweled terrazzo must dry for about two days before the next steps can be taken.

Grinding and Polishing

After the terrazzo has dried, we use a grinding machine to flatten and firm up the surface, which is step one of getting the final flooring to shine brightly. The grinder’s pressure and heat pack the composite closely together which makes polishing the surface easier. The goal of each step in our terrazzo flooring services is to create a compact, even, and smooth surface off of which to allow your chosen decorative colors to shine. We carefully remove all slurry, allow each successive stage to dry as needed, and use professional equipment to achieve magnificent results.

Applying Sealant and Finishing Touches

To keep your new terrazzo floor shining and functional for years to come, we apply a couple of coatings of terrazzo-grade sealant. This step brings out the color in the decorative marble and stone chips that are a signature characteristic of terrazzo. The sealant prevents cracks, makes cleanups easy, and allows the final installation to go as easily as possible.

Want your remodeling project to gleam with fresh color and personality? Contact us now about terrazzo stone flooring. Our team looks forward to hearing from you!